Who am I?

Let me introduce myself… my name is Angela Winter. I wear many hats as wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, and cancer warrior. All encompass me and are what motivate me on my new beginning.

​Most of what I write isn’t new.  I’m just giving it a new face. A new home.

​I don’t have initials after my name to show that I have completed a degree in nutrition, medicine, philosophy or psychology. I am just sharing what worked for me and has made a significant change in my health and happiness.

You don’t have to make drastic changes overnight. ​But maybe adapting just one or two changes into your day could change your health, your levels, your outlook, your life.

​So, this won’t be something you have to pay for. You don’t have to register, sign up or make a commitment.  There are no obligations. ​Just read. And if you like it, try it. If you’re curious, test it. If you believe in it, pass it on.

​This is my new beginning… and I am happy to share it with you.


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Cancer 101

It’s true. Most of what I eat doesn’t have “comfort food” written all over it. In recreating a recipe, the end product doesn’t always taste “just like the real thing”. BUT, it is good. And it’s good for you.

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My own thoughts, plus links to other websites, blogs, and wisdoms that have been helpful to me.

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My personal Integrative Healing Plan.

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