Have courage…

There’s a word that has kept cropping up for me… whether in my thoughts, my prayers, my chats and discussions, my lectures, my reading, my downtime… well, you get the picture… it’s always there.  The word is COURAGE.  It’s a word that I frequently used, but I never really dug deep down and wallowed in the experience of courage; the sensation of courage; the action or display of courage… until now.

Courage is often thrown around as a description, or offered up as a compliment, and even displayed as a marketing tool.  Courage is something that EVERYONE experiences, not just those that fight wars, battle cancer or stare down a bear.  Courage is executed everyday by the child that tries to make new friends or is trying to find their way in a new school (which can be very daunting). Courage is executed when we make a decision – it could be a lifestyle change:  buying or selling a home, applying or starting a new job, making a commitment to another individual for life or even ending that commitment.  Courage is there when you decide to have a child and courage comes ten-fold when you rear this lovely little being into adulthood.  Courage is required and is that silent weapon that we use every day, but strangely enough, we take for granted.

The Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz, searched for it… only to be told by the Great Wizard… “All you need is confidence in yourself.  There is no living thing that is not afraid when it faces danger.  The true courage is in facing danger when you are afraid, and that kind of courage you have in plenty.” 

I urge you to recognize courage when you see it in yourselves and in others.  It’s not an easy thing – you need to look for it.  It doesn’t always come charging in on a battle cry. Sometimes it can be deceptive.  And sometimes it’s just a quiet voice urging you to try again.  Either way, courage is a tool we use every day.  So for those of you that are going through a personal battle, a loss, a hardship or difficulty… don’t discourage… Have courage.  Life is not without its trial and tribulations.  When we are challenged to face adversity, it takes courage to continue and that’s exactly what we are here for  What we are built for.  We all have it.  Sometimes we need to share it.  Sometimes we need to find it alone.  Sometimes we just need to find it again.

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